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Did you Know 1 out of 4 AED's are not ready for service. Call today to find out why.

On-Site AED Inspection and Training

          Our trained staff visits each location every year to provide on-site AED inspection, AED scenario practice training, and AHA certification training for your team. We created the best practices in AED management, so with SFA your facility benefits from our expertise and our on-site attention.

AED Inspection
          Each year, SFA sends our paramedic-trained, pre-EMS system specialists (not a network instructor-contractor) to serve each SFA client location nationwide. SFA specialists verify the readiness of the AED installation (for example, by ensuring that replacement AED pads and batteries shown in the online system were actually installed in the device correctly).

Scenario Practice Training
          SFA also facilitates an AED Scenario Practice each year for our clients. Think of it like a fire drill, documenting your facility’s and your team’s readiness.

AHA Certification Training 
          SFA on-site implementation team provides American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver CPR/AED training, AHA Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED training, or AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers training. All new credentialing is updated and synced into AED Manager.

  While our pre-EMS specialist is on-site, he or she will make facility-level best practice consultative recommendations. For example:

  • Are there barriers to accessing the AED?
  • Are there enough AED devices to protect the population of people in the facility?
  • Can people locate your AEDs on their smart phone or tablet?