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We sale and service all brands Cardiac Scince G5 and G3's.

Cost $1595 for AED

One (1) Powerheart® G5 AED 
8 Year Limited Warranty

Item Includes:

(1) G5 Fully Auto dual language English/LatAm Spanish AED
(1) G5 IntelliSense Battery
(2) sets G5 Intellisense adult defibrillation pads;
(1) Semi-Rigid Carry Case
(1) Universal Ready Kit
(1) AED Manager
(1) USB Cable
(1 set) printed G5 User Guide, Steps To Rescue, Getting Started (ENG),
(1 set) printed G5 User Guide, Steps To Rescue, Getting Started (ESP) and multi-lingual Electrode Instructions For Use,

Available Options:

Powerheart® G5 Automatic AED
Powerheart® G5 Semi-Automatic A

We Guarantee lowest price with written estimate. 

Effective CPR made easy Optional Intellisense™ CPR Feedback monitors the quality of both chest compression depth and rate. If either compression rate or depth is outside of the 2015 American Heart Association acceptable parameters, the rescuer will receive a short corrective prompt to ensure effectiveness. Simple place-and-press design ensures effective CPR. Incredibly smart Feel confident when performing the rescue as the G5 customizes the shock to deliver the appropriate energy needed for each patient. Defibrillation energy automatically escalates if additional shocks are needed with a fast shock time of 10 seconds or less. If more than one shock is required, the AED does not repeat the same effort. Rather, it increases the energy input to an appropriate higher level. Peace of mind Rest easy as the Powerheart G5 is built to last with an 8-year warranty, a strong indemnification policy, and a 4-year full operational performance guarantee on Intellisense® medical grade non-rechargeable batteries. Feel confident knowing your AED provider has pioneered AED technology for over 20 years and helped deployed a half-million Powerheart AEDs around the world.AED Sales of all Brands.